Runaways 6 by Brian K. Vaughan: C+

From the back cover:
The return of the pride!

The secret super-villain society is back, but this all-new group isn’t make up of the Runaways’ evil parents. Who are these shadowy players, and what do they want with the Marvel Universe’s next generation of heroes? Plus: When the youngest member of the Runaways is separated from her teammates, Molly Hayes must survive a night alone on the mean streets of Los Angeles! The eleven-year-old mutant girl soon hooks up with a new group of runaways, but is their mysterious leader a hero or a villain?

After the rather pointless first chapter in this volume, the story deals with the online buddies of a former member who perform several unrealistic feats of haxx0ring and resurrect an old villain.

It’s all very meh. I don’t have faith that this was really planned in advance, so a lot of the things mentioned felt like retcon to me. I was also spoiled on what’s supposed to be the shocking climax of the arc, so that probably didn’t help matters, either.

Though the plot was disappointing, there were some moments of interpersonal interaction that were good. Some things in this arena were rushed and over-angsty, but I particularly liked Nico’s struggles with leadership, as it reminded me of Buffy’s possibly-too-harsh approach from S7 of that show.

All in all, the second “season” of Runaways is not as good as the first one. However, I happened to read the first issue written by Joss Whedon, and it’s quite good, so I’m still going to continue on to the final volume of this storyline.

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