The Last Uniform 1 by Mera Hakamada: B

From the back cover:
Each girl at the Tsubakigaoka Girls’ Dorm is paired with a roommate. Tsumugi with Beniko, and Ai with Fuuko. Yet the girls each have their own crushes on each other, and it’s making it impossible for them to stay “just friends.” But can one girl really love another?

A charming tale of yuri romance that deals with the perennial question “who’s going to hook up with who” with a twist.

Er… “who’s going to hook up with who” is a perennial question?

This introductory volume was pretty cute, though I was initially mixing up the longer-haired girls because the couple with prominence on the cover is not the one featured in the first two chapters.

There’s no plot, per se, just little vignettes in which the girls somehow realize their feelings for one another. A seemingly-annoying girl rescues her roommate from the rain, a stern-seeming girl rescues another from a flasher, a couple of cute boyish girls compete in a marathon to try to impress the refined classmate they both fancy, etc.

The couple of Tsumugi and Beniko is much more interesting to me than Ai and Fuuko. They kind of remind me of Suoh and Nokoru from CLAMP Campus Detectives. Tsumugi is the serious one who can easily get flustered and Beniko is the accomplished one who’s also a bit mischievous.

Those looking for anything steamy should look elsewhere. It’s certainly not the most well-written thing I’ve ever seen, but it does at least try to tell a story rather than simply titillate. I’ll be continuing with the series.

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