Runaways 7 by Brian K. Vaughan: B+

From the back cover:
The Runaways say good-bye to the past, and make hard decisions about their future. Plus: Still reeling from the events of Civil War: Young Avengers/Runaways, the teenage heroes must now confront a horrific enemy who threatens to tear the team apart!

I seriously don’t know what the horrific enemy was, and nothing here seemed to have any bearing on the Civil War arc. Lame blurb writing!

This volume was a marked improvement over the last couple. The big purple monster in the first few chapters was a little silly, except that the monster was really an old dude who was doing horrific stuff because he just wanted things to be like they used to be.

Which was totally symbolism for the real meat of the arc, which was the fact that Chase was prepared to deal with some villainous sorts to get Gert resurrected. I really liked all of this stuff, even though it was supremely reminiscent of two Buffy plots: Dawn’s immediate reaction to Joyce’s death and Willow going all Big Bad after Tara’s death. The only bad bit was that the villainous sorts were too conveniently on the verge of disappearing, thus forcing Chase to choose quickly or forever lose his chance.

Toss in some personal interaction within the team, especially regarding the new members, and you get a concluding arc that managed to salvage some good stuff from the wreckage.

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