From the back cover:
Here is a revealing look at the acclaimed bestselling manga series Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE. Spanning the first seven volumes, this thrilling guide includes intriguing details about the characters, worlds, and mysteries of Tsubasa, including info on the popular crossover CLAMP characters who always seem to appear in the Tsubasa universe!

It also features a brand-new Tsubasa short story, an interview with CLAMP writer Ageha Ohkawa, games and quizzes, a fan section, pre-production artwork, and more. This is an essential book for any fan of the Tsubasa manga series and anime!

After I read the tenth volume of xxxHOLiC my interest in Tsubasa rekindled. As I hadn’t touched the series since November 2006, however, I decided to refresh my memory with the aid of this handy character guide before resuming with the regular volumes.

I’d forgotten so much! The wishes Fai and Kurogane made that got them traveling in the first place, Syaoran’s mysterious origins, the fact that Seishirou still has one of Sakura’s feathers and will undoubtedly be seen again as a result… Though the guide was rather dry reading and sometimes hard on the eyes, with lots of tiny white print on grey or black backgrounds, it was definitely successful in reminding me of many important plot bits.

That said, I’m not sure how much this book would offer to someone completely up-to-date with the series. There were some things that weren’t a story rehash, like quizzes and popularity polls and an interminable fan section, but the only one I particularly enjoyed was the interview with Ageha Ohkawa.

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