I Tried

I adore Hugh Laurie, so I really did try to read his novel, The Gun Seller. But I got to page 61-something and still really didn’t care about the protagonist or the plot. It wasn’t bad, and the writing was pretty quippy and amusing. I think the main issue is that it’s a spy genre spoof and that one either ought to’ve read spy genre novels to get the spoofage or have general interest in the spy genre. I have neither. So, it isn’t dreadful, but it wasn’t terribly interesting to me. It’s rare for me to give up on a book, but I don’t usually feel this disinterested.

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  1. Try harder and write an Epinion! You can get 5 cents!

  2. I don’t want Hugh to get negative reviews! And anyway, if I switch to another library book I can finish it before it would become overdue and thus save myself a minimum of 10 cents. 🙂

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