Princess Tutu 2 by Mizuo Shinonome et al.: B+

Book description:
Ahiru’s transformation into Princess Tutu has fulfilled her life-long fantasy, but her charmed new life is not a ballerina’s fairytale. Jealousy rules her new magical kingdom, and an envious Princess Kraehe will continue to thwart Ahiru’s efforts to win her broken-hearted prince. Princess Tutu will have to toss her tiara aside and become a soldier to fight for the heart of the boy she loves.

The story, although still different from the anime, picks up somewhat in this volume. This version of the tale is simpler and might possibly make more sense than the anime version. It still didn’t seem very much like a fairy tale to me, though. I was happy that one of my favorite Fakir scenes from the anime was able to be incorporated, although his backstory was not. Yet again, he’s forced to say, “I thought I told you to _____.” He must’ve said it three times in the first volume.

My major quibble with this volume is the art. There are plenty of cute panels, especially the giant hamster and the blarghing cat-sensei, but I swear this artist has a problem with butts! A straight-on butt is fine, but when drawn from any other angle, they just look weird! A good example is the picture of Rue on page 11. Her right leg looks fairly normal, but it looks like her left leg’s just been sort of propped underneath her skirt or something. I don’t see how it could line up with where her waist is at its current angle. Tutu’s also got the Funky Butt Syndrome on page 29.

Most of the time the facial art is okay, but Princess Kraehe seems to fluctuate. On the cover, she looks like a drugged-up prostitute, and then on the title of chapter 7, like a man. It’s somewhat of a distraction from the story, but it isn’t catastrophic.

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