Pretty Guardian Sailormoon 12 (Japanese, 2nd ed.) by Naoko Takeuchi: B

Book description:
This volume contains Acts 55-60 of the new numbering system, comprising the final six Acts of the Stars arc. The Starlights have been deprived of a cover, and we instead get a group shot of Usagi, Chibi-Usa, and Chibi-Chibi.

The inner senshi’s sailor crystals have been stolen and there’s been no word from the outer senshi since they went to their castles to investigate the invaders. Can Usagi rescue her friends and fight Galaxia on her own? If she fails, earth will be destroyed, changing history so that the future that should be won’t come to pass!

I didn’t like this volume as much as the first in the Stars arc. It’s entirely comprised of the battle against Galaxia, and is full of people swearing not to give up, and also lots of calling long lists of names. Would anyone hailing a group of friends really name each one individually? There were some good bits, of course, particularly some explanation of the various villains’ origin and the ultimate difficult decision that Usagi makes and its implications.

The main problem I have with the volume is that I’m fuzzy on the details of what actually happened, and I’m not sure it’s entirely the translation’s fault. I don’t really get Galaxia’s backstory, or the full deal with Chibi-Chibi, or what happened at the end. A general idea, yes, but I’d like to know more conclusively.

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