GetBackers 14 by Yuya Aoki and Rando Ayamine: B+

From the back cover:
Now that their fights are over, Ginji and Ban head over to the auction to retrieve the Venus de Milo. With a ploy nothing short of typical for this team, the Get Backers escape with their prize. But, alas, there is never enough cash to go around, so the Get Backers quickly take up a job to retrieve a diamond ring from a hot spring—where the women must be seen to be believed. If that wasn’t enough to drive Ban and Ginji bananas, they are pulled onto a case involving missing children and an eerie card game that not only predicts the future—it affects it!

This was sooo very much better than volume 13, at least storywise. The translation problems continue. Aside from no sound effects, except in one random panel, there were several spots of dialogue (one in an actual bubble) that weren’t translated.

I rejoice that the ‘Arms of the Goddess’ arc is finally through. A lot of new plot threads were advanced, as well, a couple spinning from the conclusion of that story and a few more spun by Kazuki (a very bad pun) in the hot springs interlude. These two chapters were ever so much better than the anime version (admittedly fuzzy in my memory), with very little focus on the monkeys, and much more on Infinity Fortress information and Kazuki’s history (not to mention his child-bearing hips).

I’m a little concerned these tidbits won’t live up to their potential, but it’s refreshing to go into a new direction, and to an arc that wasn’t animated, at that. So far, the Divine Design storyline seems pretty cool, and I’m glad to get some more hints about Infinity Fortress and its intriguing secrets.

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