Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE 9 by CLAMP: B

From the back cover:
Five friends continue their desperate search for Princess Sakura’s memories, which have been scattered across parallel worlds in the form of magically potent feathers. But this time Syaoran and Sakura are pulled from a tumultuous land where two factions battle over a statue of the God of Calamity—and into the realm of that very divinity! Now they find themselves on one side of a long, bloody conflict between two gods and their minions. Unfortunately the experienced fighters in their band, Fai and Kurogane, seem to be aligned with the opposition. In a war that can be ended only by the death of a god, how can Syaoran and Sakura hope to stay alive?

I liked this volume’s battle scenes and new setting, though I wouldn’t rate it as excellent. It does advance the plot with a couple of revelations, though still more remains unexplained. I’m still not fond of the creepy-haired villainous dude and his random appearances; he’s far too two-dimensional for me to care about him at all. I have the feeling that this won’t change much in the future, even when we eventually learn what he’s truly up to.

Ashura and Yasha are both extremely pretty, and I particularly liked the panels in which they appear together. I also thought Del Rey elegantly tackled the issue of Ashura’s ambiguous gender. Other publishers take note! The translation wasn’t at all clunky without specific pronouns. Now I’m left wishing for a Del Rey edition of Wish!

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