Sweet Sixteen Princess by Meg Cabot: B+

From the inside flap:
Mia doesn’t always have the best luck with parties, so even though it’s her sweet sixteenth, she doesn’t want a birthday bash. As usual, Grandmere has other ideas, and thinks a reality TV special is just the thing in order to celebrate royally. The whole scheme smacks of Lilly’s doing—Lilly, whose own TV show is still only limited to local cable viewers.

Will Mia be able to stop Grandmere’s plan? Will her friends ever forgive her if she does stop it, since it involves all of them taking the royal jet to Genovia for an extravaganza the likes of which would turn even Paris Hilton green with envy? Why can’t Mia get what she really wants: an evening alone with Michael?

With a little luck, this sweet sixteen princess might just get her wish—a birthday that’s royally romantic.

What a crazy long description for a book this dinky!

This book was really cute. It’s a small little episode in their lives, and really makes me see the potential for this as a TV show (in which Disney plays no part). Mia continues to display maturity, particularly regarding some of her actions towards Lilly, so yay for that. I really liked the last few pages, especially a possible romantic pairing that is hinted at. I’d love to see that come to fruition in the next installment. Not that either of the characters involved are particularly well-developed, but still.

My one very nitpicky gripe is that Mia twice mentions that Malfoy and Snape wear capes. The only mention of capes I could find is that fur ones are part of the Durmstrang uniform.

If you like the series, you’ll like this.

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  1. Mia is kind of stupid, remember.

    And also remember that 85% of the people who log in to our game are laboring under the delusion that Hogwarts letters are delivered on a person’s birthday. Mass delusions do occur, and capes are probably one of them.

  2. Yeah, it did occur to me that perhaps it was supposed to be an IC mistake. But after the whole Netscape thing in the previous book, I am dubious. 🙂

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