Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE 10 by CLAMP: B

From the back cover:
The battle between Yasha-o and Ashura-o is at an end. But now Ashura-o seems depressed. What this means for the country of Shura, none can tell… not even the five friends on a desperate journey through dimensions to find the memories of Princess Sakura—memories in the form of immensely powerful feathers. The five have been racing from world to world, separated and then pitted against one another as enemies. Now young Syaoran is at the center of the maelstrom—and only wits, luck, and some help from his friends will save the tiny band from destruction.

I have been toting this around for over a month, waiting to get the desire to read it. It turned out to be pretty good, and there’s actually a bit of movement plot-wise. Villainous dude continues to be pretty ho-hum, but makes a reference to his “next plan” (I don’t remember any coherent former plan) so there seems to be a possibility that we’ll start to see some sort of organized attempts to thwart our heroes in the future. I hope so, because this story really needs some strong narrative backbone. It can’t bank on cameos forever, as fun as those are.

The art is lovely, especially with Ashura and another CLAMP character who is an important personage in Piffle World, where they end up next. On a side note, while they’re there, Syaoran’s outfit is totally reminiscent of Gatchaman (as are the little dunebuggyesque cars).

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