Lost Boys by Kaname Itsuki: B

From the back cover:
Sent by the Lost Boys to find them a father, the impish Air settles upon the first open window he could find. The window happens to be Mizuki’s, who is forcibly whisked away to Neverland. Finding out that he is now supposed to play “father” to the Lost Boys, Mizuki is incensed. However, forced to stay put, he gets to know the Lost Boys—and Air—a little better. Perhaps a little too well, as Mizuki finds that he is helplessly falling in love with the boy.

Staying true to the boys’ love genre, readers will find Lost Boys‘ soft and sensitive storyline to be quite a delightful surprise.

Things I liked: Reux, the bishounen fairy in his off-the-shoulder gown. Pirates! Pretty art. The ending.

The rest is lots of cute, smidge of substance. This is not necessarily a criticism; sometimes one just wants a bit of fluff! It’s definitely entertaining, though I never felt that I understood where Mizuki’s feelings suddenly sprang from. Some of the transitions near the end were choppy and made me wonder if I’d missed a page somehow.

Though the age difference between the leads might be disturbing to some, their interactions really are quite innocent. The pirates on the other hand…

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