The Last Uniform 2 by Mera Hakamada: C+

From the back cover:
They might be in an all-girls dormitory, but their days are still brimming with feelings of love. For Ai and Fuuko, Beniko and Tsumugi, and even Kisaragi and Anzu, it seems that just about everyone at the Tsubakigaoka Girls’ Dorm has a crush on someone else. Whether sleeping in the same futon or modeling nude for artistic purposes, it seems like no one is able to make the first move. But the passing seasons begin to push them inexorably closer in the second volume of this charming yuri romance story!

The short vignette form began to get on my nerves in this volume. There’s just not much that can get accomplished in a mere 14 pages when the story is as episodic as this one. Sometimes the chapters were pretty cute, like a couple that focused on Kisaragi, a girl with an unrequited crush on Beniko. But often they were rather blah, particularly those featuring Ai and Fuuko.

The best part of the volume was a two-chapter story that actually had absolutely no yuri content whatsoever. One of the girls at school, Kimiko, had a male penpal, and when he wrote to inform her he’d gotten a girlfriend, Tsumugi and Beniko cheered her up. Later, Tsumugi decked the guy when she happened to overhear him telling his buddies that he ditched Kimiko because he thought she was ugly. It’s not that this storyline was stellar or anything, but I liked that the author took the time to show the characters being supportive friends.

So, this volume wasn’t really that great. I really do like Tsumugi and Beniko, though, so I’ll probably keep reading just for them.

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