Demons Are Forever by Julie Kenner: B

From the back cover:
It isn’t easy when your daughter’s figured out that her mom’s a demon hunter—and wants to grow up to be just like her. Or when you suspect your dead husband used the forces of darkness to filch the body of another human. Moreover, Kate’s acquired a precious but deadly item that every demon within commuting distance wants. With husband woes playing havoc with her emotions, an ambitious teenage protégée at her heels, and hell to pay, this stay-at-home mom is putting in a lot of overtime.

I really can’t explain how I wound up kind of addicted to this series. It’s got some major flaws: the demonic threats usually aren’t very interesting, the turns in the story are often predictable, and the protagonist is still pretty bland even after three books.

In this particular installment, a new hunter is introduced who could not possibly be more of a Faith clone, so her inevitable betrayal is not one bit surprising. There’s also no suspense regarding the item the demons are seeking, since the story structure goes like this:

1. An old ring with a ruby gemstone is found in ex-husband’s possessions.
2. Demons demand to be given “the stone.”
3. Good guys are clueless.
4. Readers roll their eyes. “Oh, golly gee, could it be the ring?!”

And yet… I’m kind of caught up in Kate’s dilemma over finding out the soul of her first husband is still around. The ending also promises all kinds of interesting things concerning this plot line, so I find myself actually annoyed that the next volume won’t be out until July. How did this happen?

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