7SEEDS 5 (Japanese) by Yumi Tamura: B+

Book description:
With the rest of Team Summer B settled nearby the shelter at Mt. Yufudake in Kyushu, Arashi and Natsu decide to journey to Kanto to see what has become of their homes and families. Joined by Semimaru, they soon encounter Team Autumn, who were released three years ago and who have built a secure village. The only problem is that a tyrannical couple treats the others like slave labor, and the team’s guide is too weak to put a stop to it. Is this the kind of desperation Team Summer B will eventually experience?

It becomes apparent in this volume that we’re not only bouncing around in time a little, but that the various teams were released at different times, as well. The story of Team Winter recounted in the last volume actually took place fifteen years ago, while Team Autumn has been working to survive for three years. Also, in the last volume Hana found a note in a stockpile that was actually left by Natsu in this volume, if that makes sense.

Anyway, there’s a lot of traveling going on in this volume. Although I was looking forward to the teams meeting up, it kind of amuses me that Arashi, Natsu, and Semimaru suddenly seem to run into every team but Hana’s on this outing. Like, in the whole of an empty and desolate Japan, they just happen to walk in the direction where Team Autumn has built their village. I suppose having common clues for where to look for the stockpiles helps a little, but still.

Team Autumn is pretty horrible, and the Summer B folk are scarred by the experience, so when they meet gentle and kind Taka from Team Winter, they end up suspecting him and slipping away in the night. Just a few days later, he runs into Hana from Team Spring, and she (who has met no one else yet) accepts him. It’s very sweet. It also shows just how close Arashi and Hana are to each other without knowing it.

Alas, not much more than this really happens in the volume. Walking, angsting, big dangerous animals, reckless puppies. That about sums it up.

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  1. Sara K. says

    I just finished reading Volume 13, and I have to say, it just keeps getting better and better. I still prefer Basara, but I understand why a lot of people prefer 7 Seeds, and if it keeps on getting more awesome, I might join them. Also, it might help if my Japanese were better and I could pick up more details.

    As for Team Autumn, they aren’t the nicest people, but at least they don’t murder anybody. And murder does happen. Arashi and Hana still haven’t encountered each other. Meanwhile, there is a lot of interesting back-story. For example, Arashi and Hana aren’t the only people in Team Spring/Summer B who knew each other from before.

    And you simply *must* look at the cover of Volume 10. Preferably in high resolution and including the back cover.

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