Fairy Tail 4 by Hiro Mashima: C+

From the back cover:
S-Class quests are so dangerous that one false move means certain death! Now loose cannon Natsu, rookie Lucy, and nearly powerless Happy have embarked on a stolen S-Class quest, setting out for the Demon Island. Can anyone stop them before they get themselves killed?

Sigh. Well, the resolution to the cliffhanger of Erza’s arrest was completely lame, as was the conclusion of her duel with Natsu. It felt like the mangaka suddenly lost interest in that plot line.

The S-Class quest wasn’t all that much better. I’m definitely not the ideal shounen audience, since I tend to get very annoyed with characters who do things they’re not supposed to and then get into perilous situations as a result. The lack of foresight also bothered me. It was bad enough Natsu hatched this hare-brained scheme, but Lucy continued to go along with it even after learning it would likely result in her expulsion from the guild she had been so desperate to join back in volume one. And evidently felt hardly a qualm about doing so!

Ultimately, their quest lead to various angsty revelations about Gray’s past which Mashima admitted including in an attempt to lure more female readers. About the only good thing in this volume was the introduction of a cool new guild member, Mystogan, whose power is to put everyone to sleep. Ironically, that was the one bit that didn’t have me yawning.

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  1. Hmm, I’d been thinking of picking up this series since I enjoyed the first volume, but maybe I’ll wait a little bit if it starts veering into mediocre territory so soon.

  2. Yeah, I’m kind of bummed because I liked volume 3 and I’d decided to go ahead and purchase this volume since the library was slow in acquiring it. Now I kind of wish I’d just waited and saved my money. It’s the magical combat scenes I like best, however, and there was only a smidge of one in this volume, so that might account for my reaction.


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