Venus in Love 4 by Yuki Nakaji: B+

From the back cover:
Suzuna began her college career by competing with Eichi for Fukami’s affection. Now that she’s decided she might like Eichi in a special way, newcomer Yuki entangles them in another boy-girl-boy love triangle. Then family tensions come to the forefront; first Eichi’s younger brother comes to town, then Hinako worries about keeping a secret from her parents—she’s dating her Greek teacher!

This was a really cute volume, though it had precious little to do with family tensions, despite what the back cover blurb claims.

The book covers about six months in time, during which Eichi realizes how much he needs Suzuna, Suzuna realizes that she’s in love with Eichi, and Yuki becomes less obnoxious and confesses his love to Eichi. I suppose that doesn’t sound like much, but some of those realizations took place over several scenes. It does kind of bug me a little that Yuki is apparently utterly nonchalant about being “head over heels” for a guy. From the rumors circulating about him (he’s a famous model, natch), it seems he was exclusively a ladies’ man before.

I like that everyone is usually happy and wholesome in this series. Okay, a realistic depiction of college life it is not, but I still appreciate that Yuki primarily likes Eichi because of his cuteness and enthusiasm. It’s all very low-key and kind of refreshing, in a way. It was also good to get some chapters from varying points of view—at least a little of it was Eichi’s perspective, and there was a full chapter about Hinako and her professorial love affair. (Again, completely wholesome.)

Venus in Love is not for everyone, but as far as pleasant, slowly unfolding romances go, it’s definitely a success.

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