Hissing 3 by Kang EunYoung: B-

From the back cover:
Despite the fact that Ha-Ra seemed to look a lot like Da-Eh, Sun-Nam is now getting sick and tired of her. And all he can think about is Da-Eh. Meanwhile, Ta-Jun cannot stop picking on Da-Eh, which seems to be the only way to forget his forbidden feelings for his own cousin. Confused? Wait until the family history slowly reveals itself!!

For the past two volumes, giraffes (perhaps toy ones) have appeared on the covers. I was thinking that perhaps somebody’s name means giraffe, but then Da-Eh and Sun-Nam (the main characters) coincidentally started talking about the meaning of their names, which shot that theory out of the window. Now I have no idea why they’re there.

I’m starting to like this series, even though it has some flaws. I don’t really know what the character of Ta-Jun brings to the story, for example. He likes to taunt and torment Da-Eh, and moons about over his cousin, whom he seems to have feelings for. He says angsty things and is kind of a jerk and… that’s it. I’m also not too keen on the girl that Sun-Nam had been dating, and the fact that she’s probably going to exact revenge on Da-Eh in some fashion because she and Sun-Nam start going out in this volume.

I do like Da-Eh and Sun-Nam, though. And I’m interested in the fallout from the revelation that Da-Hwa is half brother to Sun-Nam and Da-Eh. Poor Da-Hwa puts on a brave face when told of his parentage and agrees to meet his half-brothers, but secretly wishes the man he’s known as his father had told him not to go. He’s only in this volume for, like, eight pages, and still Da-Hwa’s plight is what resonates most strongly with me.

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