Moon Boy 5 by Lee YoungYou: C

From the back cover:
Having survived the battle with the Soon-La renegades, Myung-Ee can’t remember anything about the fight! In her quest to know what really happened, she finds herself crossing paths with Sa-Eun more than once. Though he stays silent about the battle, he lets slip a shocking secret about himself to his rabbit adversary! Meanwhile, Yu-Da has returned safely with the help of two mysterious friends… who appear to be intent on wreaking havoc on both the Rabbit and Fox tribes! Is the Black Rabbit slipping away from Myung-Ee for good?

The plot of this series really is meandering now. Here we are in volume five, and nothing has really happened. Yes, Myung-Ee’s skills are developing. But otherwise Yu-Da’s exactly where he was (in the Fox tribe’s clutches) and nothing has progressed at all.

We do get clarification that Yu-Da really is faking the sunny personality he has around the foxes, since the spell on him wore off when he turned fifteen. This isn’t really inconsistent with what’s come before, but I don’t even care, since at least it makes Yu-Da’s present situation clear at last. One does wonder, however, if Yu-Da is himself and has all these powers, why doesn’t he, like, escape?

It seems like there’s less of the unfunny comedy in this volume, but maybe that’s because the last few chapters actually weren’t that bad and I’ve managed to forget some of the stupid crap that happened early on. One thing that bugs me is that one of the newly-arrived rabbit reinforcements is really about eleven years old but is taking a growing potion in order to attend high school with Myung-Ee and the others. And yet he’s drawn in a “sexy” way in some of the splash pages. It’s disconcerting.

Some other random things bugged me, too. At one point, Myung-Ee resolves that she’s not being true to herself if she doesn’t tell Yu-Da’s one secret advantage (that the foxes’ spell on him wore off) to one of the foxes. Why the hell?! Thankfully, she doesn’t do it (yet). Also, there are some really annoying fan girls of Yu-Da and his fox buddy, with whom Myung-Ee has clashed several times. But yet she can send a text message to this fan club president, meaning she’s actually asked for this girl’s cell phone number? Perhaps I’m thinking too much about some stupid gag, but it irks me.

Some new characters are introduced and some new facts are revealed about existing characters, but I really just do not care. Probably you won’t either, so I’ll spare you the details.

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