Hissing 6 by Kang EunYoung: B+

Ten years ago, when Sun-Nam’s father and Da-Eh’s mother had an affair, the result was Da-Hwa, their half brother. In high school, Sun-Nam and Da-Eh began dating without being aware of their family connection, but in volume five all of that came out into the open. Da-Eh reacted badly, saying some nasty things to Da-Hwa that she immediately regretted. When he was hit by a car and hospitalized, his family rallied to his side.

Volume six picks up with Da-Hwa’s awakening in the hospital. Da-Eh makes good on her vow to treat him more kindly and fusses over him in a major way. It’s very sweet to see all of his siblings get together and lavish attention on him, though he is still so eager to please that he tells them he feels fine even when he’s in pain. The scenes of all of them together are happy indeed but so fraught with tension that I had to flip ahead to see what was going to happen.

As far as final volumes go, this is a very satisfying one. There’s a good balance between humorous and more emotional moments. Every subplot is resolved, but not in a way that feels too tidy. The only complaint I could make is that Sun-Nam’s irritating brothers made it all the way through the series without contributing much of anything to the story.

I started off disliking Hissing, but by the end I kind of loved it. That’s pretty amazing.

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