Sarasah 2-3 by Ryu Ryang: B-

Sarasah, which starts off as the story of Ji-Hae and the romantic obsession for an aloof and decidedly disinterested classmate that compels her to travel back in time to put right a misstep from their past lives (while disguised as a boy, naturally), widens its scope in these two volumes to include hidden motivations and political agendas.

The incorporation of these elements into the story is a vast improvement, as it gives Ja-Yun (the past life equivalent of Ji-Hae’s modern love) more of a personality, fleshes out the character of Bub-Min (a nobleman who knows Ji-Hae’s true gender), and gives Ji-Hae something to think about besides boys. Both Ja-Yun and Bub-Min are using her for their own purposes, and therefore take some of the focus away from Ji-Hae, whom I still can’t like, despite some improvement in her behavior.

Ryu Ryang’s art continues to be attractive, and the introduction of Misa-Heul, leader of the hwa-rang group to which Ja-Yun belongs, adds another bishounen to the cast. And even though spindly boys with bee-stung lips are not my personal preference, I can’t deny that the cover of this volume, which features Ja-Yun in all his aqua-haired glory, beguiles me with its prettiness.

After reading the first volume, I didn’t have much interest in continuing with this series. Now, though, I am at least marginally intrigued about where this story could be headed.

Review copy for volume three provided by the publisher. Review originally published at Manga Recon.

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  1. I’m in absolute agreement. Volume one left me wondering if I should bother, but now I’m totally interested. I love political intrigue!
    Also, did we figure out how Ja-Yun figured out Ji-Hae was a female? There are editing errors in the 3 books that make it confusing and difficult to know who knows she’s a she and when. But I totally missed the moment Ja-Yun figured her out…unless it never happened.
    Must start working on my own review of the first 3 volumes.

    • I had the same question about Ja-Yun! He refers to Ji-Hae as both he and she, and I was unsure whether he knew until he finally used her name. I don’t remember enough of v1 to know whether something happened between them then that allowed him to figure it out.

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