Soliloquy in Blue Joins Manga Bookshelf!

Some might wonder “What took so long?” but personally, I’m sort of pinching myself. To be in the company of such esteemed bloggers as MJ, Kate Dacey, and David Welsh is a big honor, and I’m very flattered they wanted to make me officially part of the family.

You might notice regular Soliloquy in Blue features like Let’s Get Visual are now appearing on Manga Bookshelf’s front page, and there’s also a little corner there now for my reviews of prose works! MJ is responsible for the gorgeous site redesign—seriously, I find it hard to stop looking at it—which I actually find pretty inspiring. So, if there’s to be any change, it will probably be an increased frequency of posts!

Thanks for following me to my new home and if, for some inexplicable reason you’ve not visited the blogs of MJ, David, and Kate, I suggest you click the little ‘Manga Bookshelf’ icon in the top right and remedy that immediately!

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  1. Congrats on the move, Michelle.


  3. Danielle Leigh says

    my first thought when I saw the tweet was “What took so long?” Hee. Great minds….and congrats!!!

  4. Okay, this happens when I read from the top of my feed list – I get answers to questions I asked on later posts in earlier ones, heh.

    Let me reiterate: ALL my favourite manga critics on one site – my cup runneth over!!!


    • Aw, thank you, Estara! I really appreciate that you’ve been a faithful reader and encourage you to keep it up! 😀

      • You’re part of the big feed now! – I guess I can retire the Swanjun feed on LJ though, no point in getting double posts.

        That means I read all the entries, I just don’t always have something to add. I admit to not always having read you on feed though: when Melinda posted that there were new reviews on Pop Culture Shock (I think that was the site you all reviewed for at some point, except for David?) I then clicked through to you when reading your reviews.

        Now my lazy self gets it all delivered to LJ – so you will get my eyeballs for sure.

        • I’m glad to hear that. And yes, PopCulture Shock (or, rather, Manga Recon) was where Kate, Melinda, and I wrote. Kate brought me on, then I recommended Melinda, and now here we are!

  5. This is wonderful news! I always thought you were a great addition during your many guest appearances, so it’s nice to see you become an official part of the MB team 🙂

  6. Wahoo!

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