Hana-Kimi 11 by Hisaya Nakajo: C

From the back cover:
Mizuki and her friends go to the country, where they meet and try to help a ghost pining for his lost love. Then, for the big Christmas dance party, Mizuki and Nakao are recruited to help make up for a shortage of females—by dressing up as girls! This turnabout for Mizuki, however, proves to be the least of the complications that flare up when the whole ploy proves too successful!

With this volume, I’ve begun to lose my patience with Hana-Kimi. The ghost story is pretty lame, and is only an excuse for Nakatsu to glomp on Mizuki some more. It’s just a little two-chapter deal that really doesn’t serve any narrative purpose. It does introduce Umeda’s parents, however. His dad’s pretty foxy.

And then, yet again, Mizuki is forced to pretend to pretend to be a girl. This bunch of boys is pretty obsessed with making some of their classmates get into drag! Buuuuut, Sano does look awfully cute dancing and there are a couple of sweet moments between them.

So, even though there’s a dash of lame in these stories, there’s still enough here to keep me interested.

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