Please Save My Earth 16 by Saki Hiwatari: A

From the back cover:
Mokuren’s perspective on the moon base tragedy is vastly different from Shion’s. Though she seems to be an ethereal goddess, she has her own insecurities and frustrations. She’s troubled by her lack of female friends and aggravated by men who are only interested in the rarity and celebrity of her Kiche, the mystical mark of their god, Sarjalim. When she learns of the opportunity to join the research team on the KK moon base, she eagerly applies for the position, over the protest of the Lim Lians. Her wish to join good-looking men on the team is fulfilled when she meets handsome Gyokuran and Shion—but will either one quench her desires?

Doesn’t that read like the description for the first volume of a series rather than the sixteenth? We continue with Mokuren flashbacks in this volume, up through the early days of the moon base. A couple of the scenes from volume nine, which were then presented from Shion’s perspective, are retold from Mokuren’s point of view. It’s interesting to see what she was really thinking at the time. The insights into her character that this volume provides really answered for me the question of why someone seemingly so angelic and perfect would be interested in someone as infuriating as Shion. There are some cute moments in this, too, where he is very goofy and/or embarrassed.

There isn’t a lot of plot advancement here, and only about three pages of the modern-day characters. Hajime (Alice’s brother) watches over her as she sleeps (I’ve totally forgotten why she is sleeping so much or if she’s sick) and briefly wakes before submerging into the moon dreams once more. I am happy to get to know the real Mokuren, but I hope that soon we’ll get back to the current tale and what’s going on with Rin. There are only five volumes left, after all!

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