Beauty is the Beast 2 by Tomo Matsumoto: B+

From the back of the book:
It’s Eimi’s second term in her new home, and she’s feeling homesick. Her friends try and help, but even food doesn’t work this time. Leave it to the scariest guy in the dorms to cheer Eimi up! Wanibuchi takes her mind off her misery with a bunch of flowers and some tales of his hidden past. But can her newfound happiness withstand the trauma of a broken TV and a dark army of cockroaches?

I continue to enjoy and be amused by this series. Here’s an example: During a dorm festival, the guys dress up like English butlers for a cafe. Most of them are compared to little kids dressing up for a festival, but you know Wanibuchi will be different, right? So, he comes out, and I expected all the girls to go, “Oh, how handsome,” etc. in predictable shoujo manga fashion. But no. Instead, they all think he looks like some scary mafia type. “He looks like he’s killed five or six people!”

I really enjoyed the chapter where Wanichin cheers Eimi up with stories about time spent living with his grandfather in Mexico. It kind of reminded me of the relationship that Shion of Please Save My Earth had with his foster dad. The chapters about the TV and roaches are cute, and I’m happy the story tendrils for Misao and Suzu weren’t abandoned, but I do have one teensy gripe. This is Eimi’s second term in the dorm and Misao has been her roommate this whole time. How come she is all surprised to learn that Misao has a sister living in the same dorm? I hope this doesn’t mean the mangaka is grasping for plot straws already.

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