Beauty is the Beast 3 by Tomo Matsumoto: A

From the back of the book:
Eimi unknowingly makes a conquest of Shimonuki, from the boys dorm. But she’s so wrapped up in her admiration of Wanibuchi that she doesn’t even notice. Shimonuki decides to seriously pursue Eimi, and what better way than to get close to the competition? But the plan backfires when Shimonuki starts to idolize Wanibuchi, too! Will Shimonuki ever be more than Eimi’s fellow “Wanichin” fan?

So, a new character is introduced in Shimonuki. He’s a quiet, nice guy and his budding feelings for Eimi seem very natural, even though they build up over the course of a single volume. It’s nice to get a little love triangle action going on here. That he’s willing to try and understand Wanichin rather than pre-judging him like everyone else is also a strong point in his favor. His tutelage also helps Eimi shoot a promo video for the girls’ dorm that is totally random and silly.

Shimonuki (given the nickname “Simone”) has the full support of Eimi’s friends and dormmates, who join in to help Eimi land this perfect fellow while she walks around thinking, “La la la. The tempura at the school cafeteria was big.” She manages to be a fearless, clueless sort of character without being irksome. She gets compared to a 5-year-old in this volume, too. Poor Shimonuki.

The chapters here are a little less episodic, which is a nice development, and Eimi pretty much retains solo focus this volume, rather than Suzu and Misao getting chapters of their own. Although I like their side stories, I think it was necessary at this point to keep Eimi in the forefront to further the story along. Beauty is the Beast is a quiet sort of title, but it does make me giggle aloud, which is not something that a lot of manga achieve. I feel confident recommending this series to anyone.

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  1. I also enjoyed this volume. Beauty is the Beast is a nice series, and it makes me giggle aloud too.^^ This series is very amusing, and Eimi is so weird, but in a cute endearing way. This is not your regular run-of-the-mill shoujo manga, and that’s what I love about.

  2. It’s very fun. 🙂 I am awaiting volume 5 now, which Amazon shipped to me yesterday. It’s a little sad that it’s so short, but at least we get the conclusion that much quicker.

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