Ouran High School Host Club 3 by Bisco Hatori: A

From the back cover:
It’s summer break, and the Host Club crew head to the beach, dragging our reluctant heroine with them. When Haruhi stands up to some local bullies and gets tossed into the ocean, Tamaki, the Host Club King, rescues her. But afterward, he’s so mad that he won’t speak to her until she apologizes. Trouble is, Haruhi can’t figure out what she should be sorry for!

Haruhi is such a great leading character. She’s not excitable, clumsy, weepy, flighty, or any other negative trait I’ve seen in a shoujo heroine that was supposed to make them cute. She’s level-headed, sensible, independent, and not at all annoying. If Haruhi were an actual person, I’d probably be a little in awe of her.

I am happy to say that not only was volume 3 better than 2, it was also better than the anime versions of some of these stories. Nekozawa is completely cut out of the anime’s version of the visit to the beach, and the Robelia/Lobelia Gakuen chapter has several differences. Since I thought this one of the weaker of the anime episodes, these differences went a long way in redeeming this story for me.

Coolest of cools, there’s a Halloween chapter that hasn’t been animated! Probably because it hasn’t got a lot of story, but it does feature Tamaki in a completely adorable vampire costume. He’s also in a few other nice outfits throughout the volume. Rarely do I have such a fangirly crush on a bishounen, but I must admit that I really do like looking at him.

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