Hana-Kimi 12 by Hisaya Nakajo: C+

From the back cover:
The Christmas dance party begins, and Mizuki looks for a chance to give Sano a present. Later, Mizuki flies home for New Year’s and an unexpected reunion with Gilbert, her first love. Though time has passed and her romantic hopes are now focused on Sano, Mizuki discovers that this old flame hasn’t been completely snuffed out in her heart!

The bane of my existence—repetitiveness—is currently plaguing Hana-Kimi . I am getting really tired of seeing Nakatsu spaz out over something and get injured. Of seeing Nanba surrounded by girls, only to have Nakao come up and chase them off.

Things were a little better in the second half of the book, with a change of venue to California. I didn’t even mind the randomness of Sano and Nakatsu showing up in America. Mizuki spazzing was predictable, but I liked seeing Sano in that environment. Really, the best parts of this entire volume are when Sano and Mizuki are getting closer in some way. If Nakajo dispensed with the rest of the gimmicks, I’d probably enjoy it more.

I don’t think I’ll be buying Hana-Kimi anymore, but will probably find a comfy chair in Borders to read the rest of the series for the sake of curiosity.

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