The Secret Adversary by Agatha Christie: A

From the back cover:
Jane Finn is Missing. Where is she? The mere mention of her name produced a very strange reaction all over London. So strange, in fact, that Tommy and Tuppence decided to find this mysterious missing lady. And once those two determined sleuths made up their minds, nothing could stop them—not international espionage, kidnapping—or even murder.

I haven’t read much Christie yet, and wasn’t prepared for something so… sprightly. The tone of the novel is rather breezy, and it’s quite funny in places, as well. Tommy and Tuppence are both great characters, and I would absolutely adore to see a BBC production of this novel.

Christie delivers plot twists and red herrings aplenty, as well as a very satisfying ending. I found the book to be instantly engaging, and especially liked the unique motivations that started the pair on their sleuthing path. If one had the time, this would be an easy book to read in a single sitting.

Lastly, a note on slang. There’s a good bit of it, including some I’d never heard of. My favorite was when one man casually described another as “pretty cute.” It seems to mean something like clever or capable instead, but it does give one slashy ideas!

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