Fushigi Yûgi 4 by Yuu Watase: B+

From the back cover:
To save her newly adopted country of Konan, Miaka must scour the nation for the remaining three of the seven Celestial Warriors who will help her in her quest. But the search takes her into the lair of bandits, and to a plague-cursed town where she has to die to survive!

A lot happens in this volume, keeping with the very fast pace mentioned this far. Sometimes it seemed like more time could’ve been spent on certain elements, especially on places where I think the anime did an episode break, but overall I’m still a fan of keeping things moving.

There are all kinds of cute bits in this volume, especially Hotohori and Nuriko in the bandit’s lair. Plus—Tasuki! He really adds something significant to the group (besides fangs). Mitsukake shows up too, but almost as an afterthought. I wonder whether he’ll be any more interesting in the manga than the anime, but somehow I doubt it.

Miaka was only mildly stupid in this volume, and at least one of her crazy actions seems to’ve actually had some thought behind it. Shokku!

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