Basara 19 by Yumi Tamura: B+

From the back cover:
Sarasa is engaged in a naval battle with the Royal fleet, but dolphin suicide torpedoes are being deployed against her Shikoku allies to devastating effect. Hiiragi’s assassins infiltrate Sarasa’s Suzaku flagship as she and her crew are pushed to extremes. (Spoilery sentence omitted.)

If you’re like me, you got about half a sentence through that and went, “… Dolphin… suicide torpedoes?!” Alas, it was just as dumb as it seems. It wasn’t the only slightly lame plot device, either. I think in a few spots Tamura-sensei must’ve just needed something to happen and contrived to make it so, no matter how clunky the result.

Quite a few important or significant things happened in this volume. I only hope I’m able to remember them when volume 20 comes around, as I continue to be fuzzy on details of things that happened only a volume or so ago. It doesn’t help that sometimes things happen so suddenly that one is kind of puzzling how it got to that point so quickly.

Shuri doesn’t appear much, and when he did, it made me realize how much I’ve missed seeing him. He and Sarasa need to reunite soon, durnit, but I like how Tamura handles some of the complications of that event arising.

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