Beauty is the Beast 4 by Tomo Matsumoto: A

From the back cover:
As winter sets in at the dorms and the boys hog all the electricity to heat their rooms, Shimonuki continues his quest to win Eimi’s heart. She agrees to a date, but they both end up confessing to Wanibuchi. Because despite Wanibuchi’s commitment to another woman, Eimi can’t stop loving him. So what will she do if Wanibuchi goes through with his plans to move back to Mexico?

Beauty is the Beast‘s strength is plenty of good character interaction built on a framework of everyday events. While the power going out or a room needing cleaning are not stellar plots, each little incident includes a meaningful moment in this love quadrangle.

I am thoroughly torn as to who should end up with whom. Shimonuki is such a nice guy, so anxious about how he appears in Eimi’s eyes that he’s a bit of a dud on their date. Wanichin and his girlfriend Keito are a very handsome couple, and I particularly loved getting a look at their backstory in this volume. It’s definite that Eimi treats him like no one else dares, so I can see Wanichin’s fondness for her growing in that regard, though I’m not sure it’s truly romantic in nature. I find myself rooting for an ending where they don’t get together, simply because I liked the Keito story so much.

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