The Prince of Tennis 15 by Takeshi Konomi: B

From the back cover:
At the Kanto Tournament, the brilliant play of Hyotei Academy’s Mukahi and Oshitori drives Seishun’s Momo and Eiji to assume the Australian formation, a technique they masterfully pulled off in a previous match. Meanwhile, the Seishun team of Kaidou and Inui walk into a landmine filled with “scud serves” and accurate, aggressive doubles play. But just when things look bleak, Inui unleashes his well-planned counterattack…

There’s really not much to say about this volume, it’s all about people finding inner strength and not giving up and coming from behind, though not in a pervy way. One thing that really bothers me is that the spectators seem to be able to hear the things the players are staying to each other despite distance and mad cheering, and then, of course, must cry out in reaction to same. This reminds me of the HP game, where some doofus at the Gryffindor table thinks they can comment on conversation going on at Ravenclaw. There was also one mistake where the needless changing of surnames to given names resulted in one of Fuji’s moves being attributed to Oishi.

I have to wonder whether Konomi gets tired of drawing reaction shots or panels in which characters on the sideline cry out the name of a player’s trick shot. “Boomerang Snake!” I think I’d get bored with drawing it, though it really isn’t boring to read it. Familiarity with the formula merely makes it a zippy read. The quality between volumes is consistent in this series, and I continue to enjoy it.

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