Please Save My Earth 18 by Saki Hiwatari: A-

From the back cover:
Though just a boy of 8, villainous Rin is wreaking havoc among the group of teenagers who remember a past life on the moon. In his quest to destroy the moon base, Rin will stop at nothing to learn the computer passwords of his former compatriots on the KK research team. To force Daisuke, the moon mission’s leader, to reveal his password, Rin takes his younger brother hostage. The others desperately try to dodge Rin and are especially mindful of keeping Alice safe. But how long can they keep one step ahead of him?

A whole lot happens in this volume, which is almost entirely set in present day. It’s been so long since any significant time was spent there that I hardly remember a few of the people who make appearances. Rin continues to be very cool, and in so doing, adds some depth to another of the reincarnated moon base folk who was sorely lacking in personality. I also completely adore Alice’s brother, Hajime.

We also get a little bit more information as to why some of the others are so against just letting Shion have the passwords that he’s after. This is starting to feel like the beginning of the end, though many essential revelations are still forthcoming. I have no idea what’s up with a couple of ideas dangled about Haruhiko. I just hope it ultimately all makes sense.

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