Fushigi Yûgi 6 by Yuu Watase: A-

From the back cover:
Now that she seems to have gathered all seven of her Celestial Warriors, Miaka is ready to summon the god Suzaku, who will grant her three wishes. But Miaka’s former best friend, Yui, has become her mortal enemy, and Yui’s nefarious general Nakago has a secret plan…

I thoroughly enjoyed this volume. Nakago’s secret plan comes to fruition and Miaka gains a bit in maturity as a result (points off for a brief too stupid to live moment in Chapter 31, however). Alas, no further glimmers of Mitsukake’s personality, and not much Chichiri and Tasuki to squee over, but there’s several important events and a big decision for Hotohori, and Nuriko has several very cute panels as well.

We’re now up to around episode 24 of the anime, which I remember because that’s exactly how many episodes a friend could cram on the tape(s) I provided. When I finally got the DVDs, I rewatched from the beginning, so as a result I believe the story’s about to head into the part I’ve only seen once and therefore remember less vividly. Woot.

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