Fushigi Yûgi 8 by Yuu Watase: A-

From the back cover:
A savage storm shipwrecks Miaka and her Celestial Warriors on a creepy island inhabited by a ruthless matriarchal society that enslaves men! Meanwhile, her former friend Yui and the Seiryu Warriors are within arm’s reach of the sacred treasures that Miaka so desperately seeks. Will she arrive too late to summon the god Suzaku and save the nation of Konan?

Ack! I didn’t realize that that happened in this volume.

While the story continues to move along nicely, the first couple of chapters in this volume were a little weak and almost felt like a flimsy excuse to draw the guys in drag. This is the first bit I’ve encountered that wasn’t in the anime, so it seems they shared my opinion.

There’s a lot of focus on Nuriko in this volume, whom I adore, and more determination on his part to no longer attempt to take his sister’s place. I still don’t wholeheartedly endorse some of the sudden realizations, but I must say it’s a lot clearer in the manga and I can kind of get a better handle on what he’s been through and what he means by what he says. It’s unfortunate that, while he’s considering what it means to be a man, Viz’s translation keeps calling him “she,” when previous volumes were free of that problem.

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  1. I think the drag scene you’re talking about was in an omake.

  2. An anime omake? This bit was about their ship crashing in a village of man-hating womenz.

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