Fushigi Yûgi 9 by Yuu Watase: B+

From the back cover:
Miaka Yuuki is an ordinary middle school student who is suddenly whisked away into the world of a book, The Universe of the Four Gods. In this alternate world, she must summon the god Suzaku by retrieving the Shinzahou. But, in order to get the treasure, Miaka must choose between her love for Tamahome and protecting the nation of Konan.

The B+ grade is for the story itself; the translation earns a D. For the entire first chapter, Nuriko is referred to with female pronouns. This is incredibly distracting from such a poignant, important scene! If the translators were even reading the material, they’d see that, too!

Anyway, the plot itself is pretty interesting, featuring an encounter with some nifty Genbu warriors. I quite fancy Hikitsu. I’ll have to try to remember what’s established about them and see whether continuity is maintained when I proceed to reading Genbu Kaiden.

When the Suzaku warriors learn there’s still more questing to do, we enter another little arc and meet another Seiryu warrior, Tomo, who I think is pretty durn cool. I really like the misdirection he perpetrates upon the group, even though it has the unfortunate effect of spurring another of Miaka’s too stupid to live moments. It had been a while since she’d run off idiotically and I was getting used to not finding her all that annoying.

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