Fushigi Yûgi 16 by Yuu Watase: C+

From the back cover:
As enigmatic exchange student Ren slowly takes control of the minds of everyone in the school, his agenda becomes clear: he is training an army of assassins to kill Miaka! Even if Miaka is able to escape the attempt on her life, will she be able to thwart a mysterious vixen’s efforts to tear Taka from her arms?

Not even the presence of Nuriko (with correct gender pronouns!) and his cute older brother could reclaim this volume from mediocrity. I can’t even think of any good points to mention, with the possible exception of a couple of Miaka-Taka smooch scenes (at which I routinely yawn) that did a particularly nice job in capturing a sweet/sexay moment.

I could enumerate all the bits of the story that were not very interesting, but since I’m sure that would not be very interesting, I shall refrain.

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