Fushigi Yûgi 17 by Yuu Watase: C

From the back cover:
When the demon god Tenkou steals the four stones that Miaka has already collected, is all hope lost for the return of Taka’s memories? And will Tenkou’s manipulation of Taka and Miaka’s friends slowly drive wedges between them and ensure their defeat? Once again, it’s up to Miaka to keep two worlds from falling under the dominion of the ultimate evil!

This just keeps getting crappier. I really am just waiting for it to be over at this point. Here’s a nugget of Miaka wisdom that especially made me want to hurl the volume away in disgust: “Whether it’s because she’s happy or sad… when a woman loves a man, she’s going to cry.”

Tenkou manipulates Tasuki into being a total git, and Watase manipulates Tasuki into suddenly having feelings for Miaka that were never present before some anvillicious hints in “Part 2.” It’s just unpleasant all around. Chichiri does get to be a badass, but all the stuff about his past is pretty lame.

Good points: Tenkou’s comments when baiting Taka that it’s actually Tamahome that Miaka loves, and that Taka is just a shadow of the real thing. Taka’s resulting questioning of why he needs someone else’s memories to be complete. The final few pages.

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