Fushigi Yûgi 18 by Yuu Watase: B-

From the back cover:
Miaka has been fighting a battle across two different worlds to keep Taka, the human incarnation of her true love Tamahome, from vanishing. But what could it mean when Tamahome himself returns to confront Miaka and Taka? The answer to this riddle leads Miaka and the Seven Celestial Warriors to the stunning finale of the best-selling Fushigi Yûgi series!

This volume was really hit-or-miss. There are a number of good things, like Chiriko being clever, and all of the Taka-Tamahome interaction. I was a bit surprised to realize that I actually like Taka, while Tamahome was barely in my top 5 of the Suzaku Warriors.

So, on an interpersonal level, this volume is okay. Plotwise, however, is a real muddle. When explanations are given, they’re lame. Some things just made no sense at all, including a possible retcon, but I don’t really care enough to think that hard about it.

It seems the whole purpose of Plot 2 was to give Taka confidence in his own existence, and… okay. That goal was successful. I just wish the way to get there were better planned.

Bonus good bit: a blip of the happy Tama-cat family in the future.

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