Beauty is the Beast 5 by Tomo Matsumoto: A

From the back cover:
Eimi’s going home for the holidays—but she’s only been to her parents’ new house once! Shimonuki is all set to accompany her, but a family emergency keeps him in town. Eimi doesn’t want to take the train alone, so she drags Wanibuchi with her. They spend the holidays traveling across the country and through Wanibuchi’s past. Will his revelations bring them together, or ruin any chance of a happy ending?

In my review of the previous volume, I mentioned not being convinced that the bond between Wanibuchi and Eimi was romantic in nature. This volume showed how it was so, and exactly what Eimi provided for Wanibuchi that he could not find elsewhere.

Although I was very satisfied by the ending, it was a little bit abrupt. Still, the main point got made without a lot of unnecessary angsting, and I appreciate its simplicity. Also fun were notes at the beginning of each chapter that revealed the eventual fates of the more prominent secondary characters.

I enjoyed this series very much and can see myself rereading it. At five volumes, it’s not that sizable an investment of money or time, so check it out!

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