Full Moon o Sagashite 3 by Arina Tanemura: A

From the back cover:
Mitsuki’s alter ego, Fullmoon, gets a new producer—Dr. Wakaouji, who is treating Mitsuki’s cancer! Before he got his medical degree, the doctor played keyboard in the legendary band ROUTE..L with Mitsuki’s father. Will the doctor break Mitsuki’s cover? And will Takuto’s newly exposed memories destroy his present friendships?

A lot of important stuff happened in this volume, and almost none of it related to Mitsuki’s career. Since I’m always hard-pressed to care about that what with the other plot points, this suited me just fine.

The first major occurrence is that Takuto remembers some of his past. I thought the details were just a little bit cheesy, but there were some interesting ramifications there for a couple of characters, so it managed to steer clear of lame. The second major thing, to which I shan’t even allude, is a pivotal twist and makes one entirely re-examine their concept of the story so far. It’s a testament to the writing that the story still hangs together when one looks at it through new eyes.

A pair of bonus stories round out the volume, one about Meroko and Izumi when they were partners and the other the first meeting of Eichi and Mitsuki (covered from her perspective earlier in the volume) now from his point of view.

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