Full Moon o Sagashite 4 by Arina Tanemura: A

From the back cover:
Mitsuki’s love for Eichi has helped keep her alive because she promised that one day she would become a famous singer and meet him again. But lately even thoughts of Eichi haven’t been enough to keep her spirits up. Will Takuto’s confessed love for Mitsuki be enough to convince her to live?

Mitsuki’s cheery shell finally cracks in this volume, and her resultant actions would be extremely annoying if perpetrated by, say, Miaka. However, Tanemura-Sensei has a knack for prompting her characters to dramatic choices in a way that’s IC and engenders understanding and sympathy. Good characters may do bad things, but the reader always understands why this is happening. (With the possible exception of Takuto, who irked me a few times.)

My favorite part of the volume was the last few chapters, where Meroko’s backstory is revealed. I don’t remember this being in the anime at all, and it was nice to be surprised. With the possibility for Izumi revelations on the horizon, I am eager to tackle the next volume.

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