Full Moon o Sagashite 6 by Arina Tanemura: A-

From the back cover:
Mitsuki has previously refused the operation that would save her lifeā€”at the expense of her voice. However, as Mitsuki gets closer to her first concert appearance, Ms. Oshige decides that she will put Mitsuki in the hospital after the event, no matter how Mitsuki feels about it. Even so, it may be too late to save Mitsuki’s life, unless Takuto and Meroko are successful in changing her fate.

Both Meroko and Mitsuki take some important steps forward in this volume, and I particularly liked chapters 25 and 26. The introduction of Hikari in chapter 25 might’ve seemed like a random obstacle gimmick in any other manga, but it works here because of the story line and really forces Mitsuki to confront some things. I especially love the bit with the pendant.

The last chapter advances the plot along nicely, though it left me a little confused on a couple of points. A side story, okay but predictable, with Madoka and Nachi completes the volume.

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