Please Save My Earth 19 by Saki Hiwatari: A+

From the back cover:
Mokuren awakens from a fever-induced coma a week after her attack, tormented by the realization that Shion lied to her when he said he loved her. After all, if he really did, her Kiche, the mystical mark on her forehead, would have disappeared. Even so, and even though he’s now treating her like a sacred being instead of a fellow human, she can’t stop loving him.

On Earth, Haruhiko tries to convince Alice that Rin needs and loves her. But Alice finds herself in deep trouble, and her disturbing dreams continue, showing her the end of Mokuren’s life on the KK moon base…

This volume truly has it all. It’s about evenly split between memories of the moon and present day. The former provides insights into Shion’s motivations, his relationship with Mokuren, and their final days together on the moon base. The latter features everyone trying to protect Alice from Rin, as hers is the final password he needs, and Alice reacting to the things she’s remembered. Much drama, and it’s all great.

There’s a cliffhanger of sorts in each time period, but since we know essentially how things turned out on the moon, it’s the present day resolution that I’m eagerly anticipating. I’m very glad I waited until I had the last few volumes before embarking on this final arc because waiting would totally dilute the impact.

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