Please Save My Earth 21 by Saki Hiwatari: A+

From the back cover:
Eight-year-old Rin is still tormented by his past life. As Shion, an engineer stationed on Earth’s moon, he spent nine years alone after his home planet was annihilated and a deadly virus took the lives of his fellow scientists. Now, in the conclusion to the Please Save My Earth series, Rin’s plot to destroy the moon base—and all traces of his past life—reaches its denouement. Alice begs Rin not to let his past life as Shion rule his future—and even threatens to jump off Tokyo Tower if Rin chooses to pursue his plot of eventually controlling the world…

The final volume to this series provides a very satisfying conclusion to the story. Some things required a bit of thought to really appreciate what had happened, but it all ultimately made sense and was not a let down after all this long build-up.

The best parts began when Rin goes to Tokyo Tower. I especially like the first few pages there (58-62), where he’s walking around alone. The worst bits, thankfully scant, were when Mr. Tamura tried to be helpful and ended up making things worse. The last chapter is an epilogue.

I will definitely be rereading this series in the future, and recommend it to any book lover, whether or not they think they have any interest in manga.

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