Ouran High School Host Club 6 by Bisco Hatori: B

From the back cover:
The school festival opens at Ouran, and the Host Club members are busy entertaining the visiting parents. Teasing his son is a favorite pastime of Tamaki’s doting father, the school chairman, but Tamaki’s grandmother is cut from a very different cloth. She despises and shuns Tamaki, banning him from the main Suoh Mansion. It’s now time for Kyoya to take action with the Host Club to help their favored leader out.

The first few chapters aren’t very interesting or amusing, though they do provide a bit of background on Kyoya’s home life. The last chapter is also fairly pointless. Chapter 26, however, was a good one. We learned more about Tamaki’s family, and how it’s actually a fortunate thing that he is so upbeat and energetic.

The art also seems to’ve changed a little bit. I noticed several times that characters shown in profile had virtually no noses; one even kinda looked like Voldemort! Tamaki and the twins looked a little different, too, though I can’t exactly pinpoint how. I realize it’s normal for art styles to evolve over the course of a title, but this isn’t an improvement.

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