Ouran High School Host Club 7 by Bisco Hatori: B+

From the back cover:
Hunny’s little brother, Chika, pays a visit to the Host Club—and immediately starts attacking Hunny, using all his martial-arts prowess against his older brother! Chika seems to be the absolute opposite of his sweets-loving, Bun-Bun-toting sibling, but why is he so angry with Hunny? The Host Club is determined to find out the cause…

This volume as a lot more consistent than the last, unified by the theme of Haruhi is contemplating the wall that she feels separating her from the other members of the host club. Learning some of the family backgrounds of the others might gradually be helping her make progress in understanding them.

The first story is about Kyoya in a commoners’ store, and is quite cute. He looks especially nice in his casual clothes, and I love the panels where he’s rummaging in his pockets for money or a cell phone. The chapters about Hunny’s brother were better than I expected them to be, and also reveal how Tamaki lured Hunny from the karate club to the host club. Insight into the twins comes from a tale about their first time crying in public.

Rounding out the volume are a pointless chapter about Roberia Gakuen and a fun bonus story in the “Love Egoist” saga, continuing the tale of the cold-blooded teacher and the student who fancies him.

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