Hana-Kimi 13 by Hisaya Nakajo: B

From the back cover:
Mizuki is broke, so she lands a part-time job with Akiha, the photographer. Among her first-day experiences: spilling tea on male diva supermodel “Alex.” This sparks a mutual animosity that is not assuaged when Mizuki discovers the model’s most closely guarded secret! Meanwhile, at Mizuki’s school, food is disappearing, with the culprits leaving flowers in place of what they’ve heisted!

A little over a year ago I said I wouldn’t be buying Hana-Kimi anymore. Turns out I lied.

The first four chapters in this volume comprise the arc with the cranky model, which in itself is not very interesting until chapter 71. Within this storyline, Mizuki freaks out over the discovery that everyone seems to have a dream for the future except her, providing the opportunity for Sano to be really sweet and reassure her. In fact, there are several cute scenes between them in these chapters. It also seems that we might be seeing more of Sano’s high-jumping soon, which I’d enjoy.

The last two chapters mainly revolve around side characters. I didn’t like Chapter 72 much (the one about the snack thieves), but 73 was quite good. It’s a flashback to Kayashima and Nakatsu’s first days as roommates, and how Nakatsu succeeded in drawing Kayashima out socially and stuff.

Not a lot happened to further the story along, but I didn’t expect it, so it wasn’t as annoying as it has been in the past. I don’t know about absence making the heart grow fonder, but it does seem to’ve grown more tolerant of the episodic nature of the story.

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