Hana-Kimi 17 by Hisaya Nakajo: B

From the back cover:
As the giant track meet approaches, Mizuki and Sano face an assortment of foes: Sano’s old high-jump rival Kagurazuka and Sano’s own little brother Shin! But Shin’s trainer is the one man Sano hates the most: his own father. Can Mizuki mend the rift in Sano’s family? While Sano focuses on winning, one person is focused only on Mizuki: Nakatsu, the other boy who loves her…

This volume was pretty good, though I was annoyed by stuff that wasn’t related to Sano’s family or the romantic triangle. There was a whole random segment on dodgeball and at least three repetitions of a gag wherein a character’s stomach grumbles audibly. Funnily enough, it failed to amuse me each time!

Not a lot progresses in either front, though the way has now been paved for Mizuki to bring about a touching family reconciliation. She also came to the realization that Nakatsu makes her feel safe. Of course, there’s no conceivable way I believe she’d choose him over Sano, but I liked seeing them together at the end of the volume. I’m looking forward to seeing what transpires when Nakatsu learns the truth about Mizuki’s gender. I hope he is furious.

There were some good panels in this volume, particularly of Angry!Sano, and some important moments between the leads (especially the last ten or so pages), but overall, it just felt like a treading water sort of volume.

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